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September 2017 Car of the Month

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  • September 2017 Car of the Month

    Lincolns of Distinction 2017 Calendar
    September Car of the Month

    1998 Mark VIII LSC
    Craig / BlackIceLSC


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    Nice !! Do they make a Gen II body to fit on an MKZ frame???? LOL
    Bud Pytko
    2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
    2005 Ford F250 6.0 PSD CC 4X4 LB
    2007 Arctic Fox 30' 5th Wheel


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      congratulations enjoy looking at your car for a month i know i did


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        Congratulations, Craig!


        The Mark - 98 LSC Generously Modified


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          Very nice!
          -00 Honda Accord (The MPG'er)
          -97 Mark VIII Base (The Row'er)
          -95 Mark VIII LSC (The Go'er)
          -14 Model T touring (The Show'er)
          -Rebuilding the T


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            Congrats, looks great!!!
            94 MK VIII
            95 MK VIII
            98 MK VIII CE # 87
            04 Chevy PU 3500 4X4


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              Great looking Mark VIII and photo Craig!

              It's good to see you back in a Lincoln!

              1994 Deep Jewel Green 183,142 miles
              1997 White LSC 135k miles
              1998 White Collectors Edition 175k
              1994 Black (#2) 100k miles
              1993 Deep Jewel Green Convertible


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                I have to confess...I no longer own this car. I sent in the image for the COTM / calendar and then after it went to print, I sold the car to a fellow Mark VIII enthusiast named Clif Topper ...aka Heybob from other forums.
                I posted it for Sale in the end of December and the same day we struck a deal. he let me keep it for a few weeks through the holidays so in return I put 4 new tires on it and replaced the weeping oil filter housing gasket. detailed it up nice and let the kick-ass stereo go with it.
                I no longer own a Mark VIII and most likely never will as my automotive priorities have changed, except if a convertible comes along or a nice cordovan CE. Then again, should a financial windfall come my way, I would contract Jeremi L. to build one of his monster works of art
                I enjoy working on them, but mostly as a hobby rather than as a need. A daily-driver I already have, but a Mark VIII it is not, nor will ever be.

                I'll always consider myself a Mark VIII guy, but none reside in my name. Thanks for choosing my former ride as COTM JP!

                minor specs: 98 LSC Toreador red/prairie tan. AAS lowered coil conversion w/KYB's out back. rear upper shock tower bracing, Magnaflow exhaust, JMOD, killer stereo w/12" sub in trunk, 18" speedlines w/Nokian 245/45R18 tires. 97 alternator cover, tint, new accell COP's, motorcraft 12c's, mobile 1 oil, fresh MERCON V, and royal purple rear diff gear oil , Moog upper and lower control arms and ball-joints. LED lighting interior and mirrors. The car was a dream to drive...only thing I wish I did was fix the blend door actuator(top one broke/stripped in the HVAC box so no shortcut) and added a addco 1-1/4" rear sway bar.


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                  Still a great car, and a great picture. It counts.

                  Thanks for sticking around after selling it. You're a valued member of this community.
                  Mike Martin

                  1997 Mark VIII LSC 5.0
                  2001 Dodge Dakota


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                    Congrats. A beautiful car.
                    Norm Wagner

                    If you are going through hell, keep going.


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                      Great shot